Until now, no one has so clearly bridged-the-gap between Eastern medicine principles and Western thinking and science in any depth. This pioneering and perceptive book delivers distinct insight into to the seemingly divergent worlds of Eastern medicine and modern physics.

“If we are to improve the practice of medicine, we must gather the truth wherever it can be found. . . Western medicine needs more “yin” rescue, and Dr. Judyth valiantly succeeds in bringing valuable knowledge and truth to the forefront. Clinicians of all types will find it a valuable resource to consult in helping individualize therapy.” — Scott Jensen, MD,  Jensen Family Wellness

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Insightful and pioneering, this book provides a systematic understanding and appreciation of Eastern medicine and clearly compares and validates it with modern physics in layperson’s terms; and how both these fields use metaphorical poetry to explain their theories and our everyday experiences. It also offers analytical thinkers a significant understanding of so-called mystical Eastern medicine.

The author is unusually and uncommonly proficient in both science and Eastern medicine and therefore, uniquely able to portray parallels from a rare multi-dimensional viewpoint. Dr. Shamosh demonstrates how the seemingly divergent fields of modern physics and Eastern medicine describe our world in similar insightful ways. In addition, she illustrates how Eastern medicine affords awareness into the non-machine-like way our bodies function and how our bodies work to promote and maintain our wellness. It also gives the reader a clear concept of what true preventive medicine looks like.

The medical doctor, related professionals, and lay people will have modern science-based information on how Nature’s medicines work to heal; and how systems-thinking of Eastern medicine can transform modern medicine into a health-promoting system for everyone.

The book also discusses the fundamental foundations of Eastern medicine in detail- The Five Phases, The Six Tastes, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and how they correlate. The principles and strategies of how to use herbal medicines non-symptomatically are also discussed in detail.


“Ayurveda is just not a medical system of healing but also a way of life, the deeper we get to know and there is more thirst to learn and feel it more. This book has given me a craving for more. Reaching the end, one feels—O! my heart wants more and more of this to evolve and get closer to the universe. Dr Shamosh, has beautifully related the Physics principles with Ayurveda and has helped good Ayurvedic Vaidyas like me to prove to the world that Ayurveda is a science and not just a myth as many say so. Really reading this book was a pleasure and I am sure that generations to come will cherish this wonderful writing and will be happy to learn Ayurveda in a more scientific manner.”

—Vikram Chauhan, Planet Ayurveda, India


“This book is extremely well written with a lot of very useful information. Dr. Shamosh combines both the science and art of healing within a larger philosophical, psychological, and naturalistic context.”

— Dr. Sherry Jackson, M.D.


“Truth is knowledge of things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come.” (DC 93:24). If we are to improve the practice of medicine, we must gather the truth wherever it can be found. I am grateful for Dr. Judyth’s efforts in sharing the wisdom gained of her herbal practice and sharing the many truths and harmonies between eastern and western herbal traditions. Western medicine needs more “yin” rescue and Dr. Judyth valiantly succeeds in bringing valuable knowledge and truth to the forefront. Clinicians of all types will find it a valuable resource to consult in helping individualize therapy. One must first understand the patient to understand what remedy to give. In this book, Dr. Judyth shares the systems that can be used to succeed in understanding the patient and selecting the right remedy.”

— Scott Jensen, MD,  Jensen Family Wellness


“Dr. Judyth Shamosh has written a very clear, simple, and concise treatise on the relationship of the basic and yet complex understanding of the application of systems thinking and current knowledge in physics to the treatment of human health utilizing the ancient principles of Eastern Herbal Medicine as it is practiced in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. She compares and contrasts these with the non-systems linear philosophy and practice of Western Herbalism. She shows us new ways of viewing the wisdom of Eastern Herbal traditions in light of a deeper understanding of the unity and coherence of natural systems. She shows us how modern physics now validates the processes used in the ancient, time-honored Eastern approaches to the use of plant medicines. Shamosh provides examples of representative herbal medicines that might be chosen for various conditions from a systems approach. In teaching us about the basic philosophies, tenets and practices of Eastern Herbalism, Dr. Shamosh reveals not only her incredible depth of knowledge of these different systems of healing, and her intuitive grasp of how practitioners apply these types of information to human subjects, but also the even deeper fount of creativity whose penetration is the basis of the poetic muse. The author notes that the use of poetry assists in penetrating to the meaning of relationships between living cells and the different systems of the living body. Shamosh uses poetry to underline the non-linear, intuitive, comprehensive, and causal conditions that underpin the exquisite, flowing natural systems observed in the human body (microcosmic) and the entirety of the natural world (macrocosmic). Her poetry, and especially those that are on the 3 doshas of Ayurveda, is wonderful. This book is one that can be read outright, but also one that is likely best used as a study guide and reference for Western Herbalists, and also others interested in systems thinking and aspiring integrative practitioners, as well as those with interest in physics and natural systems.”

— Devin Mikles, MD, FACP


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