Judyth Shamosh, PhD

Educator of the Science in Eastern Medicine

With her background in the hard sciences and expertise in Eastern (Ayurvedic and Classical Chinese) and Western herbal medicines, Dr. Judyth is known for her ability to clearly demonstrate how modern physics validates the principles of ancient Eastern medicine. This makes Eastern medicine principles easier to understand and therefore more acceptable for the Western analytical thinker.

Because Eastern medicine is phrased in metaphorical language, the descriptions of observed effects and how they are applied are often difficult and daunting for the Western mindset. In her foundational book, The Physics & Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine, she clearly reveals how the problem-solving systems-methods of Eastern medicine is comparable to modern physics. Both of these fields use metaphorical language to explain their theories and are, therefore, phrased in the poetry of our everyday experiences. Dr. Judyth’s intention is to eventually bring the valuable principles of Eastern medicine into the mainstream of modern health care.

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